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With the H-Racer Fuel Cell Car, explore the power of hydrogen. The sleek car demonstrates the technology behind how a fuel car operates.

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Product Details

Explore the power of hydrogen! Sleek car demonstrates the technology behind how a fuel cell car operates. Transparent design allows students to see the inner mechanics of the car. Kit includes a refueling station that produces hydrogen and oxygen from water, using electricity produced by a solar panel (included) or 2 AA batteries (sold separately). Once the car is fueled up, take the H-Racer out for a spin, controlling direction with a remote control! Each kit includes all parts necessary for easy assembly of the H-Racer, as well as hydrogen refueling station, remote control, fuel cell, connector cables, solar panel, and detailed user manual. Futuristic, engaging, and a great topical lesson on alternative energy sources—your students will be thrilled! Comes with 140 page Renewable Energy Science Education manual.